Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I want to support people mentally who suffer with this disease, as I know how tough things can get. From planning trips out loo-by-loo or not being able to get away from one for hours, to hospital tests and surgery. It's not pretty and it can get people down very easily.

I was diagnosed with Indeterminate Colitis (IC) back in 2006 when my first flare hospitalised me. IC means they can't tell which inflammatory bowel disease I have and over the years my diagnosis has changed from Crohn's to Ulcerative Colitis and back again depending on what kind of treatment they wanted to try out on me!

I've had my colon removed, an ileostomy for two years, which was reversed, and now I have a jpouch. In general, my health is good and I feel very lucky, as I've had some traumatic experiences! Which brings me back to why I want to help people with this disease. It's mighty embarrassing at times and I hope that talking to me about things might be easier as you know I've been there too.