Online counselling using Zoom
Video-conferencing software

How does it work?

The instructions below refer to computer or laptop. You can also use Zoom on a phone or tablet using the
Zoom app, which you can download from your app store. This works in the same way although the
screen may differ slightly from that on a computer.
If you want to go ahead with your counselling in this way:

  • we'll agree on the date and time of your online session.

  • a few minutes before the session starts, I'll send you an email invitation to join the Zoom meeting.

This will contain a link which you should click on. As long as you can see the link has come from my
email account at the expected time, this link will be safe.

  • the first time you open the link, Zoom will guide you through the process. It will ask your

permission to upload the software to your computer and then take you to the meeting. This only
takes a short time.

  • you'll be asked to ‘Open Zoom meetings’. You may also be prompted about using your computer

audio and video.

  • when you've done this, you'll find yourself in the meeting room, where I'll be waiting for you. This is

a confidential and secure space.
I will send an invitation to a new meeting each time. This ensures that the space is never available to any
other client.


Although online counselling can never be 100% secure, there are several things you can and should do to
reduce any risk:

  • always use a password to access your computer and change your password frequently

  • keep the security software (virus protection, firewall) on your computer up to date

  • check regularly for software updates for your video and audio communication software

  • plan your session for a time when you know you can have privacy, making sure others in the house

know not to disturb or interrupt you

  • find a safe and undisturbed space where you can set up your device and sit comfortably for the

whole session

  • close all other open browsers and programmes on your computer as these can affect the

connection and either slow it down or cause the screen to freeze

It's important that we both take confidentiality very seriously. You need to take personal responsibility for
your own computer security and ensure that confidentiality is protected. Let me know straight away if you
have any concerns that the security and confidentiality of our sessions is or has been compromised.